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Marco Tagliaro, a venetian Painter in Molfetta

Molfetta, Italy, 25th August-10th September 2018

Marco Tagliaro a venetian Painter in Molfetta

25th August-10th September 2018
Opening day 24th August 19:00
Templar Hall, Molfetta

Tommaso Minervini, City Mayor
Sara Allegretta, Culture Councilor
Gaetano Mongelli, Art historian, Exhibition curator

Everyday 10:30-13:30 / 17:30-20:30
Free entrance

For information
Comune di Molfetta: +39 080 3340519,
Associazione Artistika: +39 392 9819212,
Marco Tagliaro, +39 331 7371174
Dalila Turtur, secretary: +39 392 2185408,

Friday 7th September, 18:00
Exhibition venue

Cultural meeting
with active public participation
"...sbranando il pittore..."
with Gianna Marcato and Gaetano Mongeli

Thai Flowers

Mirano (Venezia), Italy, 23rd March-20th April 2018

Marco Tagliaro Thai Flowers

Thai Flowers catalogue

Thai Flowers catalogue March-April 2018

23rd March-20th April 2018
Via Bastia Fuori, 9 - Mirano (Venezia)

For information
Ristoelite: +39 041 5728984
Alessandra Corrò: +39 347 2579120
Free entrance

Marco Tagliaro, cultural event at Ristoelite K2

Mirano (Venezia), Italy, 17th November, 24th November, 7st December, 2017

Marco Tagliaro K2 event

Ristoelite K2 cultural event invitation

Ristoelite K2 cultural event invitation November-December 2017

Marco Tagliaro and Mirano. A Painter, his Town

Mirano (Venezia), Italy, 25th March-1st May, 2017

Marco Tagliaro and Mirano

26th March-1st May 2017
Villa and Barchessa Giustinian Morosini “XXV Aprile”
Via Mariutto, 1 - Mirano (Venezia) (how to reach the exhibition)

Anthological exhibition of paintings
till 31st March 10:30-12:30 and 15.00-17.30
from 1st April 10:30-12:30 e 15:00-18:30
Everyday, including holidays – Tuesday closed

For information:
tel. +39 041 5798313, cell. +39 340 22606413,
Free entrance

Press Release

Press Release 24th March 2017

An Italian landscape painter in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic, 27th May-26th June, 2016

Un Vedutista Italiano a Praga

Press Release and Press Reviews

Press Release 26th May 2016
Press Reviews 26th May 2016

A gift from the Dutch culture

Two years ago I received a visit in Alicudi from a Dutch photographer:
Mjriam Bleeker, and his colleague, Frank Visser, with whom he collaborated.
They were looking for unusual dwellings, ones off the beaten track,what they
termed "the unreachable homes". This was the inspiration that a Belgian publisher
had given them, sending them out with their unique expertise, to search around the world ...
It was a wonderful honor for me to have received them in my home, and we shared four intense
days together in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of collaboration. Their work will soon be
available in a newly titled book featuring these unique homes. The insert I am presenting
will be featured as one of the chapters in the book.

Marco Tagliaro

Italy Alicudi Marco Tagliaro


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Prague, May 2016